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You started your business, and you are killing it.

You checked off all the business boxes and got to work creating, selling, and providing unmatched value to your clients and customers.

You may even have a logo and color palette that helps you maintain consistency. But, maybe you made the mistake of overlooking true branding, because to many, it may just seem like a “nice to have.”

Branding is an essential component of businesses of all sizes, but in the fast-paced, stretched-thin, long-list-of priority-driven days of a small business owner, it can easily be overlooked.

The importance of branding cannot be overstated, especially for small businesses.

What is branding?

When you think of branding, do you automatically think of a company’s logo?

The logo is an important component of a company’s brand identity, but strategic and effective branding is so much more than a memorable trademark and a palette of your favorite colors.

A brand is your business’ identity.

It’s how your consumers recognize you, what you’re known for, and how people feel when they think of you.

Let’s put it in perspective—

Think about your favorite brand.

♥️ What do you love about that brand?—

Is it how it makes you feel? I buy Apple products because they make me feel successful, sleek, productive, and innovative in my home and business.

👀 Is it the way the product looks?—

I looove a minimal and simplistic look to my products! I’ll admit, I will buy a product with good reviews and minimal branding over something “loud” every time, because that design style brings me a sense of calm luxury, which is the aesthetic I enjoy in my home.

😌 Is it the type of people who buy it?—

Think Apple, Fabletics, Target, or HelloFresh. What reputation do people who use these brands typically have? Are they more put together? Are they smart, popular, fun, busy, healthy, sporty?

👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽 Is it the society you join when you own it?—

Think Apple vs. Android, Apple vs. PC, Coke vs. Pepsi. What does your “side” in these battles say about you? About the product? About the brand(s)?

🗣 Is it what other people are saying about it?—

Do you believe ‘The Honest Company‘ to carry safe and “better for you” products for you and your kids? Why do you think that? Is that the reputation the brand has built in your social circles?

🤩 Is it who makes it?—

Do you trust the person behind the brand? What is their story? Do you feel a connection to the company or person that makes you say, “I’ll buy anything they sell, I love them that much.”

"A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product or service. You can't control the process, but you can influence it." Quote by branding expert, Marty Neumeier

The degree of trust, the connection to you and your story, and the reputation your company has amongst your target audience. That is your brand.

And trust is the most important buying factor in any saturated market.

That is why your story and your branding are your key differentiators.

8 reasons strategic branding matters

Strategic branding – built upon your values, story, and the promise you make to your customers – increases your value in your industry by providing these 8 benefits:

  • 🖇 A genuine connection with your audience
  • 🧐 An increased focus on your customer and their experience
  • 🙌🏼 Differentiation in your market
  • 😌 A consistent experience across every platform
  • 👀 Improved recognition and brand awareness
  • 📲 Improved lead generation
  • 👩🏽‍💻 Improved marketing efforts
  • 🤑 The ability to implement a higher price point

With millions of businesses in your industry trying to get noticed, and consumer purchasing choices being nearly unlimited, it’s almost impossible to stand out based solely on your product’s features and benefits.

Having a strong and strategic brand is no longer a “nice to have.”

It’s a crucial part of differentiating your business.

Ready to tell your brand story through emotive, strategic design?

Let’s chat!

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What is branding and why is it important for small businesses?

August 2, 2021

Branding, Business


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