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Do you need brand photography for your small business or personal brand? 📸

The short answer is yes!!

It’s 2022, friends—the world has gone digital and visual.

Distinctive imagery is no longer a nice-to-have, and stock photos are just not going to garner you the right kind of attention or help you stand out in a saturated industry.

A comprehensive brand strategy will tell you that your ideal customer wants to do business with a person.

  • 🙅🏻‍♀️ Not a faceless corporation.
  • 🚫 Not a logo.
  • 🧐 Not a stock image of a customer enjoying a product similar to yours.

They want YOU.

Here are 3 reasons brand photography is something you should invest in for your small business!

1—Brand photography tells your story + helps you share it!

If you own a business, you’ve probably hired a photographer for a headshot or two in the past.

But brand photography – like the entire concept of branding – is more than just a quick visual.

It’s about telling a story.

Brand photography is an opportunity, not only to create content for your social media, website, or marketing materials but to highlight what truly makes your company unique.

A branded photoshoot – whether for a business or personal brand – is essential to connect with consumers on a personal level.

It’s a chance to show your face, show your products, establish and express your brand personality, and elicit a feeling in your consumers – a feeling of Hell yes, I want to work with this person!

2—Brand photography makes you different.

Brand photoshoots are about storytelling AND setting yourself apart in your industry the way stock photos can’t.

What can you highlight in brand photography that makes your brand special?

  • Is it the way you work? 👩🏽‍💻
  • Is it your team? 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽
  • Is it your background? 🧠
  • Is it your story? 🤲

Whatever it is, it is your differentiator.

And visual storytelling is a great way to express that differentiation to your audience. 🙌🏼

I made sure to include my daughter in my brand shoot because I’m a working mom, and I love to work with other mom founders in the business space.

Because business ownership is hard, but business ownership on top of motherhood is in a league of its own. 😅

I connect with women who have taken back that part of themselves that you sometimes lose in motherhood—the passion you have for your own hobbies and skills.

I want to help “mompreneurs” stand out in their industry so they can continue to foster that passion (and make money doing it!).

It was a no-brainer that this was a must-include-part-of-the-story in my branding shoot. 🖤

3—Brand photography builds trust and connection.

We all know the concept of like, know, trust.

People do business with people that they like, that they feel they know, and that they’ve built trust with.

When was the last time you saw a stock photo that truly made you feel connected to the product or service you were considering…? My guess is never. 👀

Imagine if Mcdonald’s used this photo in their marketing.

Generic stock photo of french fries on a blue background

Sure, it represents what kind of product they sell.

But you wouldn’t recognize or care about this image, because it doesn’t stand out. It is not THE product, and it doesn’t fit their brand or bring it to mind.

You don’t trust or have any connection to it.

People do business with people and businesses that they care about and have built a connection to.

This is why it’s critical to put a face to, and a story behind, your brand. There are a lot of photographers, skincare brands, and service providers in the world. But there is only one YOU. 🖤

Don’t miss the opportunity to make that known!

Now get to planning!

Need some inspiration for your brand shoot? Check out my brand shoot board on Pinterest!

You can follow along with me as I plan my 2022 branding photoshoot—Don’t forget to keep your shoots updated as your business, target market, and differentiators change and evolve!

Photo collage of the Jane and Grey Brand and Web Design Studio by DFW Photographer Julia Hitz Photography
Photos by DFW Photographer Julia Hitz Photography

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Brand photography: 3 reasons your business needs it!

August 1, 2022

Branding, Business


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